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Raymond Murphy

Essential Grammar in Use with answers (+CD)



Автор: Raymond Murphy
Essential Grammar in Use with answers (+CD)
Категория: английский язык
Тип издания: учебник + audio CD

Серия: -
Издательство: Cambridge
University Press
Переплет: электронная книга
Год: 2007
Кол-во страниц:
Язык: английский
Формат: djvu + mp3 
Размер: 18 mb (
djvu), 58 mb (mp3) 
OCR: нет


Raymond Murphy Essential Grammar in Use with answers (+CD). - Cambridge University Press, 2007. — 319 p. Электронная книга. Германские языки. Англистика. Английский язык

Аннотация (описание)

Essential Grammar in Use is a grammar reference and practice book for elementary learners.
Modelled on Raymond Murphy's highly successful intermediate-level English Grammar in Use, its 107 units concentrate on the areas of grammar normally taught at elementary level.
- Easy-to-use layout: grammar explanations on left-hand pages with exercises to check understanding on facing pages.
- Reference grammar and practice exercises combined in a single volume.
- Thorough coverage of problems faced by elementary learners, explained in simple language with many examples and attractive illustrations.
- Material organized in grammatical categories (e.g. tenses, questions, articles etc.) but can be used in the order appropriate for learners.
- Can be used for self-study or as supplementary class material.
- Appendices dealing with irregular verbs, short forms, spelling and phrasal verbs.
- Clear contents list and index of grammatical items.
- Key section contains answers to all exercises.

Уровень: beginner/elementary.

Содержание (оглавление)

To the student To the teacher Thanks
1 am/is/are
2 am/is/are (questions)
3 I am doing (present continuous)
4 are you doing? (present continuous questions)
5 I do/work/like etc. (present simple)
6 I don't ... (present simple negative)
7 Do you ... ? (present simple questions)
8 I am doing and I do (present continuous and present simple)
9 I have ... / I've got ...
10 was/were
11 worked/got/went etc. (past simple)
12 I didn't ... Did you ... ? (past simple negative and questions)
13 1 was doing (past continuous)
14 I was doing (past continuous) and I did (past simple)
15 1 have done (present perfect 1)
16 I've just ... I've already ... I haven't ... yet (present perfect 2)
17 Have you ever ... ? (present perfect 3)
18 How long have you ... ? (present perfect 4)
19 for since ago
20 I have done (present perfect) and I did (past simple)
21 is done was done (passive 1)
22 is being done has been done (passive 2)
23 be/have/do in present and past tenses
24 Regular and irregular verbs
25 I used to ...
26 What are you doing tomorrow?
27 I'm going to ...
28 will/shall (1)
29 will/shall (2)
30 might
31 can and could
32 must mustn't needn't
33 should
34 I have to ...
35 Would you like ... ? I'd like ...
36 there is there are
37 there was/were there has/have been there will be
38 It...
39 I am I don't etc.
40 Have you? Are you? Don't you? etc.
41 too/either so am I / neither do I etc.
42 isn't haven't don't etc. (negatives)
43 is it... ? have you ... ? do they ... ? etc. (questions-1)
44 Who saw you? Who did you see? (questions 2)
45 Who is she talking to? What is it like? (questions 3)
46 What ... ? Which ... ? How ... ?
47 How long does it take ... ?
48 Do you know where ... ? I don't know what... etc.
49 She said that... He told me that ...
50 work/working go/going do/doing
51 to ... (I want to do) and -ing (I enjoy doing)
52 I want you to ... I told you to ...
53 I went to the shop to ...
54 goto... goon... go for... go-ing
55 get
56 do and make
57 have
58 I/me he/him they/them etc.
59 my/his/their etc.
60 Whose is this? It's mine/yours/hers etc.
61 I/me/my/mine
62 myself/yourself/themselves etc.
63 -'s (Ann's camera / my brother's car) etc.
64 a/an ...
65 flower(s) bus(es) (singular and plural)
66 a car / some money (countable/uncountable 1)
67 a car / some money (countable/uncountable 2)
68 a/an and the
69 the ...
70 go to work / go home / go to the cinema
71 I like music 1 hate exams
72 the... (names of places)
73 this/that/these/those
74 one/ones
75 some and any
76 not + any no none
77 not + anybody/anyone/anything nobody/no-one/nothing
78 somebody/anything/nowhere etc.
79 every and all
80 all most some any no/none
81 both either neither
82 a lot much many
83 (a) little (a) few
84 old/nice/interesting etc. (adjectives)
85 quickly/badly/suddenly etc. (adverbs)
86 old/older expensive / more expensive
87 older than ... more expensive than ...
88 not as ... as
89 the oldest the most expensive
90 enough
91 too
92 He speaks English very well, (word order 1)
93 always/usually/often etc. (word order 2)
94 still yet already
95 Give me that book! Give it to me!
96 at 8 o'clock on Monday in April
97 from ... to until since for
98 before after during while
99 in at on (places 1)
100 in at on (places 2)
101 to in at (places 3)
102 under behind opposite etc. (prepositions)
103 up over through etc. (prepositions)
104 on at by with about (prepositions)
105 afraid of... good at... etc. preposition+"-ing (good at-ing etc.)
106 listen to... look at... etc. (verb + preposition)
107 go in fall off run away etc. (phrasal verbs 1)
108 put on your shoes put your shoes on (phrasal verbs 2)
109 and but or so because
110 When...
111 If we go ... If you see ... etc.
112 If I had ... If we went... etc.
113 a person who ... a thing that/which ... (relative clauses 1)
114 the people we met the hotel you stayed at (relative clauses 2)
Appendix 1 Active and passive 239
Appendix 2 List of irregular verbs 240
Appendix 3 Irregular verbs in groups 241
Appendix 4 Short forms (he's / I'd / don't etc.) 242
Appendix 5 Spelling 244
Appendix 6 Phrasal verbs (look out / take off etc.) 246
Appendix 7 Phrasal verbs + object (fill in a form / put out a fire etc.) 247
Additional exercises 248
Key to Exercises 265
Key to Additional exercises 293
Index 296

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